We build next-generation, world-leading, sustainable products that serve both consumers and businesses.


We’re living in a digital revolution that’s disrupting business models and changing every thread of society.
The Euganox Team has a deep understanding of the new world and the opportunities it presents for the consumers, the industry, and the investors. We are building next-generation, world-leading, sustainable products that serve both consumers and businesses fairly.

To become a global FinTech leader by providing innovative, professional and socially responsible products and services.
To deliver transparent, inclusive financial products and services through cutting-edge technologies and responsible customer services.


Our service offerings include consulting and support for business strategy, product planning and development, technology implementation and business intelligence. Our team is ready to cover all relevant topics to launch a product to the market successfully.

Our primary focus is on FinTech and PropTech industries, where we gained the most proficiency during the years. Since 2008 we have provided hands-on support for Companies of all sizes, helping to implement and make full use of the tools they have to improve their overall business goals.


Financial products for everyone

At Euganox, we give people the financial products they deserve.
Using psychometrics combined with highly sophisticated technologies, we’ve opened a new chapter in financial services. We go beyond what other FinTechs offer today, with the primary aim is to build a relationship with customers allowing us to provide paid services and help our customers take control of their finances.

Our proprietary technology allows us to understand tons of data accumulated over the years in just a few seconds. Whether its credit scoring customers, building risk models, lending, analysing fraud or sophisticated pattern recognition, our technology continuously learns to provide real-time solutions.

With ClockStock 2, you can easily understand which exchanges are currently open, closed, and when the other will start their trading day. Only with ClockStock 2, you have the choice of 144 Stock Exchanges and 15 Forex trading sessions.

You can choose up to 20 Market hours to show on the main dial and change them just in a few taps. ClockStock 2 will display all the information in your current time, so you don’t have to make any time conversions anymore.

Q.Money is not another Bank - we connect all your accounts to become your money's ally.With Q.Money, you manage all your accounts, wallets, and fundings with just one login. Without your bank(s) accessing your data - 100% Neutral, 100% Privacy oriented.

Using machine learning, we analyse your transactions and suggest how to optimise the spendings.

Q.Money tailored Marketplace - we are constantly looking for the best products for you so that you can get the most out of your money. Using our Marketplace, you get tailored recommendations on products and services that match your spending profile and help you save - so you can get the best offers when it comes to financing, investments, or insurance.

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